Is Table Tennis Hard to Learn? (easy to learn, difficult to perfect)

Table tennis is a game in which two to four players serve a ball back and forth atop a table. While it might seem boring at first, it’s actually quite fun and can be played both leisurely and competitively.

Table tennis is easy to learn if you want to bang a ball around with friends. However, those who wish to play at a more competitive level will have to master a higher level of skills, and this can be difficult.

Join us as we answer some of the most common questions people have about table tennis, including what it is, how it is played, and, more importantly, is table tennis hard to learn.


Is Table Tennis and Ping-Pong the Same Thing?

The names Table Tennis and Ping Pong are often used interchangeably. However, there is some debate about whether these are, in fact, the same game. So, are Table Tennis and Ping Pong the same?

Although most people do use the terms interchangeably, experts say they are not the same game. They are very similar, though. While there is a whole interesting history behind these two names, the most notable difference between the two games is that Ping Pong is often played more recreationally at a slower pace, while Table Tennis is a faster, more complex game.

Additionally, the type of equipment used in each game varies. For example, several types of equipment can be used while playing Table Tennis, but only sandpaper rackets are used in Ping Pong. Playing style and scoring also differ between the two games.

What Is Table Tennis?

Table Tennis is a competitive table game. Four quadrants are outlined on the table, and it is divided into halves by a short net that runs the width of the table. Players hit the ball back and forth, following a certain set of rules, until a point is scored.

Although it is played all over the world, Table Tennis is quite popular in China, and interestingly, it features more players than both badminton and tennis combined. Among the three most popular racket sports, Table Tennis is currently number one.

The basic goal of Table Tennis is to hit the ball over the net in such a way that it hits your opponent’s side of the table, but your opponent is unable to return it. While this sounds easy in theory, it takes a lot of time and practice to master the skills needed to become a proficient player.

Are Table Tennis Rules Hard to Learn?

Although there are quite a few rules that govern how Table Tennis is played, they are quite easy to learn.

Beginners often struggle most with the service rules, which change depending on whether you are playing singles or doubles.

  • When playing singles, serving alternates every two points—so each player serves twice.
  • Serving still switches every two points when playing doubles, but the players rotate—the receiver becomes the server.
  • The server must start with the ball placed in the middle of their open and upward-facing palm.
  • The ball is thrown upwards and must reach a height of at least 16 cm and be falling before the server can strike the ball.
  • While serving, the ball should be positioned behind and above the back edge of the table—you should not be striking the ball above the table. Additionally, the ball cannot touch anything before it is struck.
  • The ball must bounce on your side of the table before traveling over the net onto your opponent’s side.

In addition to serving, scoring can be tricky to remember as well. There are several ways to score a point:

  • Your opponent does not return the ball correctly.
  • The ball touches something other than the net before being struck by the opponent.
  • Your opponent hits the ball more than once.
  • Your opponent moves the table or net.
  • Your opponent touches the table with their hand.

There are also times when a rally may end without anyone gaining a point, and this is called a let. This can happen when:

  • The receiver was not ready and did not try to hit the ball.
  • There is a disturbance that is no fault of the players.
  • A player feels there is a reason to call a let (only if there is a compelling cause and only if they did not try to hit the ball before calling a let).

Are Table Tennis Skills Hard to Learn?

It is not hard to learn the basic skills needed to play casually with friends. However, on a competitive level, these skills become increasingly difficult to learn.

In Table Tennis, the ball is rallied back and forth between players, and players will need to understand the different types of swings and strokes needed to successfully outsmart their opponent. Some of the skills a player will need to master are:

  • Serve
  • Push
  • Drive
  • Loop
  • Flick
  • Block
  • Lob
  • Chop
  • Smash

These skills vary in difficulty, with some being extremely easy to perform and others requiring a lot of practice to perfect.

In addition to swings and strokes, players will need to have the footing to move swiftly while reaching for the ball. Additionally, they will need to focus on the ball as it moves quickly from one side of the table to the other. This requires a lot of physical fitness and mental agility.

Power is another skill that can often be difficult to master. Not only does table tennis require a lot of power, but players must understand how and when to apply power to their swings to achieve the desired results.

The Hardest Things to Learn

Although different players struggle with different aspects of the game, there are some things that are universally difficult to learn when trying to master Table Tennis. These things include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning to make quick decisions and how to choose which shot you should play. As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to strike the ball, and which shot you choose to play will decide how the ball moves. Do you want it to move quickly? Slowly? Should you play a long shot? Short shot? Oh, and you must make this decision in less than second, multiple times in a row.
  • Learning how to master speed, height, and spin.
  • Learning how to know what type of player your opponent is so that you can predict their movements.
  • Learning how to stay calm under multiple stress conditions.


So, is Table Tennis hard to learn? If you want to play competitively, yes. Because the ball moves so quickly, players must have vast amounts of both physical and mental fitness. Additionally, they will need to have a strong understanding of the various types of swings and strikes if they hope to outsmart their opponent and gain points. This can take years of practice. However, if you just want to play casually with family and friends, it is not hard to learn the basic rules of Table Tennis.

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